CätCät / Rebirth

La dernière sortie de CätCät sur le label de Vicarious Bliss, Splinter Records est accompagné d’un clip des plus explicites…  Il y a urgence, encore plus ce matin peut-être!
Passe l’info, This guy is totally MAD!!!

CätCät “Rebirth” Splinter Records 2017

As a nightmarish collage scrolls across the screen we may ask if CätCät’s video reflects reality or simply a dystopian & clichéd fiction ? If anybody has sent a message of hope & unity to the President, it is the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. We’ve decided to force feed their beautifully coherent text to the Donald in the sincere hope he gets the message. As the track’s title suggests, a ‘Rebirth’ is needed now more than ever…