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Lou Reed / Street Hassle

Lundi, 28 Octobre, 2013

A miniature rock opera (from Lou Reed's 1978 album of the same name), starting with just orchestral strings and gradually swelling into a full rock band. A tale of lust, death, misogyny, and lies – and it includes a monologue spoken by an uncredited Bruce Springsteen.

Lou Reed / Street Hassle / Arista records / 1978

The song is divided into three parts (Walzing Matilda, Street Hassle, Slip Away), which have all the same music structure that meets first the orchestra, then acoustic guitars and rock bass guitars, and at the end the prayer of a penitent man, made of tears..

"Love has gone away
and there's no one here now
And there's nothing left to say
but oh how I miss him, baby
Ah baby, come on and slip away
come on baby, why don't you slip away.."

source text: rollingstone.com & youtube.com