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Rone feat. Noga Erez - Wave

Jeudi, 7 Juin, 2018

Rone ironise... !!!

Rone feat. Noga Erez / Wave / In Finé Records / 2017

Wave is taken from Rone's latest album, Mirapolis
Directed by Greg Barth
Produced by Selena Cunningham
Starring Naomi Weijand, Callum Sterling & Maggie Day
Director of Photography Annika Summerson
Edited by Nick Armstrong from Cut+Run
Visual Effects Supervisor Peregrine Mccafferty
Grade by Jonny Thorpe from Glassworks

Special thanks to Amelie Guyot, Alin Dumitru, Phillipe Medina, Liviu Dinu, Duncan Buxton, Alexandra Oprea, Aaron Smith, Alina Simion, Nigel Howlett, Angelika Schierz, Felip Docolomansky, Laura Jenkins, Shahin Toosi, Bart Yates, Nana Klimex, Escape Studios, Susana Mota, Yuki Honjo-Archer, Ronen Tanchum, Blink Studios, The Acid Knight, Alex, Da Cunha, Quentin Vien, Alex Dujet (Futurneue), Narath, Sandrine Gimenez & Analog studios

© 2018 InFiné Records