Pour Tes Beaux Yeux / Happy Freaky Pinky Funky 2018

Lundi, 15 Janvier, 2018

Happy Freaky Pinky Funky 2018 by Pour Tes Beaux Yeux!!!

Crazy Cap Dance Final Round for PTBY™ by LuLúxpo / 2017
Pour Tes Beaux Yeux joined forces with 5 leading figures for a series of C R A Z Y trailers.
The final round focuses on CAPS:
unique pieces - splatch acrylic! - flashy colours & funky names - Freaks, Rock, Kiss, Beat, Party Time - Pour Tes Beaux Yeux is a fashion brand founded by LuLúxpo in 2016. All caps are handmade.
Feat. Bérite Labelle, Perla Miscioscia, Lalo Dance, Serge Richon, Loïc Girardin. Special guest: Elena Vyshnevskaya.
Caps & Tops: Pour Tes Beaux Yeux by LuLúxpo
Production and Direction: Boris Rabusseau
Cinematographers: Boris Rabusseau Greg Bindschedler