Aufgang / Kyrie (explicit version)

Mardi, 18 Juin, 2013

Un track, Deux clips pour le déjà famous "Kyrie" des Aufgang tourné, cerise sur le gâteau, dans la mythique salle parisienne Le Balajo.
On a choisi la version explicite... Pour les plus prudes d'entre vous, la version plus édulcorée est sur la page Vimeo du label.

Aufgang / Kyrie / In Finé / 2013

filmed, directed and edited by John B.Root

ABOUT THE DIRECTOR : John B.Root is a French porn films director (and a former Literature Children writer). He has made more than 20 movies for Canal + (French first Premium TV Channel) and more than 100 “Gonzo-style films. He was the first director to make an interactive and live porn film. In 2009, he won the HOT D´OR of Best French Director (French supreme Porn Awards).

ABOUT THE CASTING : It includes many French porn stars ( Jasmine Arabia, Angell Summers, Paloma, Electre, Daphnée Lecerf, Lulla Boobs, Stella Johanssen, Emma Guns, Marla...).. as well the three members of AUFGANG.

ABOUT THE TRACK : "Kyrie" is the explosive opening track to the new Aufgang album "Istiklaliya" sound, a call to revolt that demonstrates the power of this trioof classically trained musicians.

source: In finé Vimeo page